Bird Buddy by Riette Smit

Around our house we have a nice garden. Many birds are visiting the garden and eating insects and berries. They’ll make nests in the bushes and under the roofing tiles : The sparrow couple raised two (!) families this summer. In winter I feed the birds peanuts and suet- balls. I was looking for a nice way to present the bird treats outside. It would be lovely if birds would eat out your hand, but that does happen rarely. So I designed the “Bird buddy”. I have several Bird buddies hanging in our garden and they are visit often.let me guide you step by step. This 16 page tutorial contains more than 50 pictures to help you!

Price for this tutorial is $20 USD

This tutorial is copywritten for private use only. The purchaser may not resell this pattern or allow it to be used for mass production. The purchaser may make and sell the bird buddy